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In providing the most professional and innovative relocation package Source can tailor the following services to meet the client’s needs exactly.

Relocation Consultants – Each client will have a specific consultant assigned to them for the duration of the lease. – While providing access to the client web pages the website also provides access to all contact details, information of the services provided and significantly a section dedicated to “What’s On” in and around Aberdeen: this particular section should prove an invaluable tool to both those planning to come to Aberdeen, and those settled and wanting to keep abreast of what is available in and around their new city.


Relocation Questionnaire – This is used to harvest all the information required to undertake a personalised home search.

Home Search –
A tailored search is undertaken to identify the properties that meet the individual’s or family’s requirements whether renting or purchasing.


Property Portfolio – The suitable properties shall be provided in a concise list.   


Orientation Tours– Source can provide tours to give individuals an insight into the different areas, amenities and the locations of places of interest. Such trips allow an understanding of the potential residential destinations, the geographical layout of the area, commuting routes etc. 


Accompanied Viewing – The relocation consultant will accompany individuals around the properties selected for viewing, saving time and reducing stress.  Collection can be arranged to fit the client’s particular requirements.


Temporary Accommodation Arrangement – Should you require we can arrange your temporary accommodation while a property is located, we can use our knowledge of the individual’s requirements to ensure they are in a location convenient to their needs and in line with their budget.


Advanced Property Vetting – For those individuals unable to take time to view a wide range of properties Source will vet potential properties to ensure the clients time is not taken up by viewing unsuitable properties.


Property Reviews – Designed to allow clients to make informed decisions while not being in the country.  This service provides room by room video coverage of potential properties with the addition of floor plans where not already available.


Property Reports – As a further enhancement Source will prepare a report on properties of particular interest where individuals are unable to physically view.  The unbiased report will build on the Property Reviews and add specific details of the properties condition, local amenities and distances to points of interest both local and significant.


Negotiation – Once a property has been selected Source will enter into lease negotiations, using their market understanding to secure the best possible deal for the client.


Inventory Checks – Knowing the trouble that inventories cause, as part of our service we shall visit properties with the new occupants to check inventories validity and prepare amendments on behalf of our clients.  For a small charge we will also assist in re-checking inventories once occupants are ready to leave, this should act to eradicate a large amount of inconvenience and uncertainty caused by re-checks. 


School Selection Assistance – Source is familiar to the majority of schools in the area and can aid in selecting the schools appropriate to each clients requirements and conditions.  Meetings can be arranged prior to your arrival and to coincide with property viewing.  Assistance can also be given in understanding the schooling requirements and the application process.


Aftercare – Lease notifications shall be made to all clients as and when required, this means clients will be informed of any dates significant to the lease, such as extension or termination deadlines.  


Managed Corporate Leases – We at Source have in depth experience of managing corporate leases; we are able to manage the entire process from the locating and securing of properties, through rental payments to termination and settling of dilapidations.


Legal Assistance – When purchasing a property Source can recommend legal firms that will assist in the securing and purchase of a property.  Only the most well regarded and successful firms shall be recommended by Source to clients.


Financing Assistance – Source can also assist in the introduction of a mortgage advisor to ensure that clients secure the best deal in keeping with their specific requirements.  Again, as we are not tied to any organisations you can be sure that we will only recommend the best advisors in the market.


Furniture Rental – If an individual has arrived ready to move into their property, but for any reason their furniture is not due to arrive for a period later Source can arrange the rental of furniture to allow the use of the property until the individuals own furnishings arrive.


Vehicle Purchase – We at Source Relocation realise that finding the right car at the right price can be another time consuming and stressful element of settling in a new location.  As a result we can assist in deciding which vehicles are most appropriate for a client’s requirements and in turn which purchasing option will secure the chosen vehicle at the best price.


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