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We at Source Relocation realise that a relocation service may be a new concept to some, while others may not know what to expect from such a service.  This selection of questions and the corresponding answers should help to underline how the services we provide can assist our clients in simplifying their move to the city and surrounding area. However, should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us

  1. Why shouldn’t I just look for a property myself?
  1. Source Relocation was set up solely to provide relocation and destination services, it’s what we do!  As a result we have an unrivaled knowledge of the market, the agents, Aberdeen and the surrounding area.  Our services have been developed to ensure that every client's move to the area runs as smoothly as possible while the benefit of our team’s knowledge and understanding ensures that each client selects the best property, in the most appropriate area at the best price.
  1. Is the market expensive in Aberdeen?
  1. Property in Aberdeen and the surrounding towns, suburbs and countryside generally buck any housing market trends noted in other areas of the country.  While the Scottish housing market functions and reacts differently to the English market, Aberdeen’s market does not tend to follow trends found in other areas of Scotland.  The main cause of such differences can be attributed to the effects of the oil and gas markets on the area.  This has resulted in relatively strong prices when properties are compared to similar types and styles in other areas of the country.  However, Source Relocation ensures that clients do not pay above market value.  As we act on behalf of our client we are only interested in ensuring they secure the best deal and that no one falls foul of excessively priced properties.
  1. If I am going to view a selection of properties but have very little knowledge of the area, how am I meant to make my way around the properties?
  1. We are very aware of our clients being new to the area and having limited knowledge of the area, as a result we arrange all viewings in as logical and straightforward a format as possible allowing an easy route between properties.  In all bar our standard package, client’s are actually accompanied round all their viewings, which provides a number of additional benefits.  For example, the consultant can aid in orientating clients with the city and point out any significant points of interest.  Additionally, the consultant’s knowledge of the area allows a quicker transfer between properties, resulting in more properties being seen in a shorter time.  Some packages also include Airport collections and area orientation trips.
  1. Who deals with negotiations?
  1. The property market whether leasing or purchasing is our main area of expertise. When leasing a property we undertake all negotiations on behalf of our clients, whether the property is ideal and it is just the price that needs agreed, or the property requires substantial work to meet our client’s requirements, we shall ensure that our market knowledge secures the best deal possible.  If a client wishes to purchase a property we can however advise on issues to be aware of when locating the right property, we will introduce solicitors that will aid with the actual purchasing process.
  1. Where do I find information on local schools?
  1. Once a client of Source Relocation, individuals and families have access to the full range of diverse information developed by us for our clients.  A full listing of all schools and their location in relation to areas of the city is provided; we are also familiar with the majority of schools and can arrange meetings with schools in line with your schedule or to coincide with your viewing appointments.
  1. Where can I find unbiased descriptions of Aberdeen and the surrounding area?
  1. In addition to information on schooling, health care, transport and entertainment the client’s web page also provides insightful descriptions of Aberdeen and the towns, villages and countryside surrounding it.  These descriptions shall provide an overview of what each area provides, distances from the city centre and geographical situation in relation to Aberdeen city centre.  It is hoped that this section of the web page will assist those with no experience of the city develop and idea of which areas they may be interested in investigating further.
  1. How can I ensure my family is involved in the process?
  1. Whether an individual is in contact with Source prior to their arrival, comes to the city prior to their family or arrives with their family, the Source Relocation service has been developed to ensure that all members of the family can participate in and are kept up to date with the entire process.  Individuals are able to provide their family members with the password to their web page and as a result can allow family members access to the exclusively developed information.  It also means that family can view the properties provided in the property portfolio as well as being able to review the property viewing schedule wherever they are in the world.
  1. Is there any way I can ensure Source Relocation is moving forward in assisting my employee to locate a property?
  1. As part of the website's functionality employers and individuals in HR are provided with the ability to keep track of the progress of their employees.  Managed through a password protected section individuals can access the progress of individuals from their own organisation only.  For each active individual from the company it will be indicated at what stage in the relocation process they have reached.  This function will provide accountability for the Source Relocation service while also allowing employers to prepare for possible queries or requests from the employee.
  1. What does Aberdeen offer in terms of entertainment and recreation?
  1. Understanding the need for individuals and families to settle down in a new area we have developed a number of additional pieces of information available from the standard Source Relocation website.  Available to everyone from the home page main tool bar is our “What’s On” listing.  This provides information on a variety of events and goings on scheduled to take part in and around Aberdeen.  We will take time to ensure that it is always updated with the most recent announcements so that no one misses a beat.  Also developed specifically for the Source Relocation website but only available to our clients is our entertainments guide.  This section provides information on Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Theatre and Art as well as a comprehensive recreation section which provides details on sports, clubs, gyms and other more active pastimes.  All in all whether you are a client or not, the site should provide some inspiration to those looking for something to entertain them, their guests or visitors. 
  1. Who should I contact to discuss Source Relocation’s services and packages?
  1. We understand that everyone and every organisation is different and as a result we are able tailor packages to a client’s specific needs.  A consultant can work with you to develop the package that suits your needs and budget.  If you have any queries that you would like answered please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist and provide the relevant information!

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