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Benefits & Value

The purpose of Source Relocation is to eradicate the unknown and to take the stress, time wasting and doubt out of locating, securing and settling into a new home. Clients can use the expansive knowledge base provided by Source to simplify a move to the Aberdeen area. Wherever possible, Source shall look to increase the choices available to each and every client, making them fully aware of what each area offers while reducing the time spent in temporary accommodation and inconvenience experienced in securing the right property!

Benefits to company of providing a relocation package to employees

  • An added incentive when offering an employment package to a potential employee.
  • The service is a one off cost to the company.
  • Less downtime for employee.
  • Allows HR individuals to concentrate on their core functions.
  • Allows an employee more time to concentrate on settling into their new role, improving their effectiveness from the start of their employment.
  • Reduces time in temporary accommodation and as a result costs associated with providing such accommodation.
  • By providing assistance with such a stressful element of moving to a new job the company can expect to reinforce the employee’s affinity towards their employer.
  • Reassurance that employees shall secure a property quickly and in keeping with the current market conditions.
  • The Source team knows the local market and as a result knows where to find the right property and secure the best possible deal.
Benefits of Source Relocation
  • Experienced, dynamic and proactive company focused solely on the provision of the relocation services.
  • Independent approach to the market, resulting in all appropriate properties being sourced.
  • Experience and understanding of the requirements of individuals when moving to a new location and job.
  • Substantial local market knowledge and strong relations with all agents in and around Aberdeen.
  • Keen understanding of the companies’ requirements, and how the smooth relocation of employees assists their effectiveness within the business.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of all lease types, including short assured tenancies, company and premium lease schemes and all related benefits.
  • All services will be tailored to the individual client’s specific requirements.
  • KPI’s will be provided to indicate the relative savings made by Source locating suitable properties and negotiating rental figures.
Service Benefits and Values Offered

The Team
Experienced, proactive and innovative team, committed to working with clients to ensure their expectations of the relocation service are met and exceeded. Each individual using Source shall be assigned a specific Relocation Consultant who shall assist them throughout the process, ensuring understanding and consistency.

The purpose of Source Relocation is to provide relocation, it's what we do! To this end, we shall ensure that we work with each and every company and individual to ensure that the service they receive exceeds their expectations in as efficient, quick and satisfactory a manner as possible. In short we will ensure that everything about your relocation is right!
The Source Relocation website has been specifically designed to ensure that technology can be used to simplify and streamline the entire process. It provides global access and complete accountability to all those involved in the relocation, and contains a huge variety of essential information about the relocation process, the area and the service provided.

Orientation & Accompanied Viewings
The Source team has a thorough knowledge of Aberdeen, its areas, suburbs, towns and villages surrounding the city. Members of the team can advise on popular or alternative locations and addresses and also provide a wealth of knowledge to aid settling into the area. Add to this the provision of a versatile and spacious vehicle, acquired with the comfort of our clients in mind, and Source can ensure that property viewing benefits the clients in a number of ways in addition to locating the right property.

The service shall be designed to ensure individuals and their families can access their information at any time anywhere in the world, it will also allow employers the ability to track the progress on individuals in the relocation process, view relevant information and completed leases details.

Market Knowledge
The team posses a comprehensive knowledge of Aberdeen and the surrounding area, with a great understanding of the leasing and sales market it is ensured that the team are up to date with changes in the market and always aware of the best properties available.

Time Scale
We aim to have individuals and families housed within ten working days from arrival into Aberdeen if no contact has been made prior to arrival. However, if individuals work with Source prior to their move the aim is to have a property secured for you to move into as soon as you arrive. KPI’s shall be used to ensure relative savings are being made through the use of Source Relocation.

Lease Negotiations and Contracts
Source shall offer on the selected property and using the market knowledge will ensure the best possible deal is secured.  KPI’s shall be used to demonstrate the saving made by Source in negotiating rental figures, while benchmarking shall be used to ensure no lease is agreed that is not at least in line with current market conditions Source will also ensure that all leases are in line with legal, and if required, company requirements in terms of legislation, health and safety etc.

Purchase Assistance
Source will advise on the use of recommended legal firms specialising in the purchase of residential properties. As we are independent we only recommend the most well regarded and successful firms and solicitors.  In turn we can also assist in locating mortgage advisors who can ensure clients find the best deal suited to their requirements.

Managed Leases 
Source also has experience in managing all elements of leases throughout their life cycle from the initial selection of a property through to the settling of dilapidations at the termination of a lease.  This experience can be employed to manage a number of leases held by a company or to ensure that an occupant is aware of the requirements placed upon them throughout the lease.

Source provides a sound knowledge of the educational institutions available in the area, and how the location of a property may affect the access to particular schools, or vice versa.  We also posses knowledge of the standard of each school, and the individual requirements for enrolment.  Source can schedule meetings with schools upon the clients arrival, or alternatively can arrange these alongside property viewings.

Property Management System
Source Relocation has invested in a modern computer system that shall allow all the clients lease related issues to be managed in line with their needs.  The system shall provide significant aftercare service to all those housed through the relocation service. (Termination/extension notification, landlord/agent details, lease details).

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